December 2017 Net Worth

Are we enjoying the winter Miami heat? I sure am! Lets jump right into the numbers with my December 2017 Net Worth Report.

Although I love and believe in every product I talk about, I have to mention that some links on this page lead to affiliates which could result in compensation for me.

Here is where I stand as of December 1st, 2017

December 2017 Net Worth

TOTAL NET WORTH:  $240,471.29 (+2807.19)

The Break Down

The Good Stuff (Assets):

Liquid Accounts

Checking: -$160 (-$311.52)
Technically my account isn’t negative… I just carried a balance on my credit card. BUT I pay them off every 15 days so still no interest!

Savings (Emergency Funds): $1755.38 (-$568.69)
Well this is what savings are for right?


Traditional IRAs: $79,158.88 (+$1142.2)
IRAs doing what they do!

Brokerage: $5,765.45 (+$245.42)

RobinHood: $30.07  (+$1.81)
I can’t complain. This account is strictly from signing up and referring others. Check it out if you haven’t and you’ll receive a free stock. Just click here. You don’t even have to add your own money!

Lending Club: $998.05 (+$3.42)
Jumping back up! Hopefully im past my original $1000 dollar after this month. If you want to check if Lending Club fits your portfolio, just click here.

401k: $9677.64 (+$847.23)
Currently Contributing 6.5% but raising it every year.

Real Estate

I increase these by 2% a year, but I divide it equally monthly.

Value of Primary: $301,948 (+$494)
The last appraisal actually came in at $358,000, but I like to be conservative with real estate prices to factor in realtor commissions (If I ever sold it).

Value of Investment Property: $145,673 (+$238)
This is probably one of my best-performing investments. I will take a look back at its performance at the end of the year.

The Bad Stuff (Liabilities):

Loan on Primary: $214,736.18 (+$409.28)

Loan on Investment Property: $89,639 (+$306.04)

Other Stuff (Not Included in Net Worth):

My Spending Accounts

These accounts are spending money so they are not included in my net worth. These are things I budget for so they don’t come out of my regular budget. Most of them are joint accounts that my wife and I contribute to.

Date Night Account: $121.50
We did a whole lot in November! Thankfully we never went over budget!

Traveling Account: $2.15
St. Augustine, FL with the baby was a success! New Orleans is next in February!

My Not-So-Impulsive Purchases: $1046.56
My next purchase will be a couple of suits for work 🙁

House Remodeling Account: $1568.97
Paid $250 to clean my AC unit. The good thing is that it should substantially lower my electric bill. That’s one of the basic steps isn’t it? 😉

Investment Property Emergency Fund: $3,726.80
This month I have a sink to fix 🙁

The Results

November was a great month! My Net Worth rose $2807.19!!

My annual growth goal is 12.25% (established back in 2012) and at this point I think  I might double it!

Check out how to figure your net worth out (And why it matters!) And be sure to check out my other Net Worth reports, and which of the 7 Income Streams contribute to my net worth!

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Gabe A. is the creator of The Shiny Dollar. Besides writing and helping others with their finances, he loves to travel and spend time with his family.


How do you spend only $2.15 on travel? That’s so frugal! lol.

Awesome report you have here! I need to catch up to your network 🙂
Melanie, Mommy Finance recently posted…How This Crazy Challenge Can Immediately Help You Focus on Important ThingsMy Profile


Im definitely not that good lol. $2.15 is what I have left on my travel account after my St. Augustine trip. I gotta build it up before New Orleans next year!


Awesome month!! Where do you buy your suits for work? Have you ever thought of a custom made suit? (I think there’s a new thing where you can get suits custom made for you and mailed to you or something- Indochino is a brand popular here in Vancouver).
GYM recently posted…PF Blog Round Up: I Need to Buy a Lottery Ticket EditionMy Profile


I’m gonna check it out!

I normally buy from Express. The suits are usually pretty fitted to my body type, and if you know how to work the deals, you can get a suit for like $140.


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