Money Lessons From Ozark

Money Lessons from Ozark on Netflix

I recently watched Ozark on Netflix and as a show on money laundering, money comes up as a major theme on the show. It is definitely a great show to check out, but obviously being who I am, I keep thinking about how the show viewed and portrayed money. I wanted to share some of my money lessons from Ozark.There are not going to be any major spoilers so if you haven’t yet watched, you’re safe, besides a few mentions of the overall synopsis.

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Financial Advisor Marty Byrde gets involved with some bad people and offers his own view on unique views on money.

Money Lessons From Ozark

Money is Everything if you don’t have it

Yup, Kanye mentioned this in his songs years ago, but have you ever stopped to think about how true this is? A lot of us in this community have a different view of money. We look at it as a tool to buy more time. Being financially free essentially frees up 40 hours a week for us after all.

I’ll forego the starving children anecdotes and instead ask what if there was no money to do anything for the holidays. No Thanksgiving dinner, no gifts, no tree, no type of celebration. I know a lot of people will say “well that’s not what the holidays are about”, and you’re absolutely right! But as a parent, we want the best for our children. We want to give them what we never had. It isn’t about the money, it’s about the memories and the smile on your child’s face. Your kids will forget the holidays and move on, but how long would it take the parent to?

Half of all Americans have more debt than savings and 25% have no savings at all.

Yeah, we talked about the debt problem here, but this is an insane reality! 1 out of 4 people you meet has no plan if something goes wrong in their lives, besides getting into more debt.

Only 15% of the population is on track to fund even one year of retirement.

I think the problem is that most people wouldn’t even know where to start. I sat with a client once, a business owner, who said his business was his retirement plan. He didn’t believe in investing but he would be able to sell his business for about a million dollars when the time came. Sounds like a lot of money doesn’t it? Until we did the breakdown.

He was currently paying himself $150,000 a year. Meaning if he retired at 60 and didn’t change his spending or investing habits, his money would last him less than 7 years.

I wrote more about reaching your Financial Freedom goal here.

Is money a unit to exchange for goods, or is it security and peace of mind?

I think most of us want it for the latter, but I believe its a mix of both. We use the money for comfort, for entertainment, for survival.

How much you accumulate isn’t a product of who’s president, bad luck, or other factors. It’s about your work ethic.

I’m not going to get political here. Trust me, I know there are a ton of factors to think about on this subject. The truth is though, hard work pays off most of the time. Did you know that after Hurricane Irma hit the island of Cuba, the government is not allowing the residents to be helped by outside parties? They have to wait (often years) to have their house rebuilt by the Cuban government, and they have to pay the government back for rebuilding.

We live in an amazing country. Let’s take advantage of it!

Patience. Frugality. Sacrifice. These are all choices.

“Money is a measure of a man’s choices.” – Marty Byrde

I like this take. I know plenty of people who earn more than me, with a Net Worth way lower than mine. I’m not saying net worth makes me a better person, but as I mentioned here, it’s not luck that got me to where I am.

“A man who only talks business is a failure in all aspects of life.” – Del

Sure it’s a little extreme… but take a minute to put it all aside every now and then. After all, there are plenty of things money cant buy. Enjoy your family, yourself, and the world around you every now and then. Family comes first after all.

It’s never enough

Let’s face it, we are building habits here. Habits aren’t hard to break. One of the most popular books on money, The Millionaire Next Door, mentions that most people continue their frugal lifestyle after they’ve reached their goal. Meaning you’ll most likely end up with money to leave your kids (or dog, or whoever you’d like).

By the way, if you have’t yet read it, I highly recommend it:


Don’t Money Launder

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one…

I’d love to hear your perspective on what money is to you.

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Money is a measure of a mans choices- That’s a very profound quote coming from Marty Byrd! It was such a good series focusing on family! My husband and I pretty much binge watched it. I can’t believe they did that to mother who was pregnant with the baby (spoiler alert)!
GYM recently posted…PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Nov 2017 EditionMy Profile


Lol someone is going to hate you for that!

It definitely was a good series, and they kept saying things throughout that got me thinking so I started jotting things down!

A very binge worthy show! Thanks for commenting!


A show about money laundering? Oh, this sounds good! I definitely think this would be a show that I would watch. Now I just need the time. The book you suggested, The Millionaire Next Door is on my list of books to read. If I had the money I’m pretty sure my lifestyle wouldn’t change. I’m a simple person who doesn’t care about name brands and such. To me, it’s all about spending my money that makes it worthwhile….like going on a trip.
Melanie, Mommy Finance recently posted…Sure Fire Way to Write New Content Every Single TimeMy Profile


Yeah it definitely is worth the watch! And The Millionaire Next Door is eye opening!

To the rest of the comment, you gave me an idea for something to write about lol so you’ll see that soon!


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