The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Money

I sat with a friend of mine recently to discuss budgets. He wanted me to help him with a budget to get him prepared to buy a house a house in the future. We made a bone-chilling discovery at the end of our budget meeting that day. Things weren’t adding up. This is the mysterious case of the missing money. Enter at your own risk.

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Missing MoneyIt was a day like any other when my friend gave me a call. There were no ominous signs, no indication that this one call of distress would cast a spell on his financial future.

We set a meeting as soon as we could to talk about these horrors. You see my friend, whom I’d known since my childhood, and would probably know until our deaths, is a business owner. He owns a barber shop with not so spooky revenue. We decided to start at the beginning. He listed off his expenses one by one. No tricks, no treats, just real business expenses that he incurred monthly.

The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Money

I let out a bone-chilling gasp. You see it was nighttime by now, and this wicked and nasty budget had given us an eerie result. My ghoulish friend should be profiting $40,000 a year, after expenses and his salary!

The results were strange, to say the least. We kept trying to find what we could be missing. What magical forces were at play with this money? There wasn’t even a quarter of that money left in the account.

That’s when the dreadful answer came: “I’ve never really tracked my spending”.

These words that I dreaded so much. These words that would give me the most amateur budgeter a scare. How could it be?

The Remedy

No magic elixirs and potions could fix this. No witches and spells could rewind the time. There was only one solution.

“You have to write down your every expense for the month of October and share the results of this grave experiment with me!” I beckoned. And so he has been. The results are not year clear but one thing is certain; my friend will no longer need to worry about this hex flying over his head.


As he begins his frightful journey into the land of budgets, there are lessons to be learned.

Keep track of your expenses, create a budget, and cut costs. Do these things and you’ll never have to find yourself in this spooky situation. From full moon to full moon, let your budget be the light that fights off the vampires and werewolves of debt.

*Based on A True Story

Published by Gabe A

Gabe A. is the creator of The Shiny Dollar. Besides writing and helping others with their finances, he loves to travel and spend time with his family.


I love how you created this post in the spirit of Halloween! It’s funny that you wrote about missing money. Here I am thinking why I even have extra money left in my checking account. I have $80 left over from my previous paycheck and I don’t know why lol. I don’t know if I forgot to pay something or if I forgot to track an expense. Dun Dun Dun!


Oh the suspense!

Thank you btw, I had fun writing this and thinking of other ‘spooky’ words! And hey at least an extra $80 is better than missing $80!


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