September 2017: My Seven Streams Of Income

We’ve all heard the saying that the average millionaire has seven streams of income. The seven income streams were always a little vague to me so I decided to look around on how to break these down.  This gave me the idea to start tracking my own seven income streams and try to increase them over time.

My first goal is to get my income stream above my earned income. This doesn’t end my goal though as my take home pay includes insurance, 401k, etc., so this is just a stepping stone. I definitely want to continue raising these until I can pay my bills without using my earned income.

Although I love and believe in every product I talk about, I have to mention that some links on this page lead to affiliates which could result in compensation for me.

My Seven Streams of Income

Earned Income $2,713.19

Just my basic take-home paycheck, nothing exciting here.

Profit Income: $0

This is something I want to look into but I don’t really have anything to sell lol.

Interest Income: $0.11

This is why I invested in LendingClub. Basically I’m financing a lot of different loans and collecting the Interest in them. I just started though so I have nothing earned in September.

Dividend Income: $50.95

I don’t chase dividends so this number is usually pretty small. Maybe as time goes by I’ll look at some good dividend stocks to invest in. (This could also be payouts from a company you are part of.)

Rental Income: $1,450  minus $1070 for Mortgage and Association. $380 Net Profit

Of course this has appreciation (not included) as well which isn’t really a monthly income, but it’s worth noting.

Capital Gains: $1150.35

Investments just doing their thing. Not a bad month at all actually!

Royalties $0 Minus $15.42 for Monthly Expenses. -$15.42 Net Loss 

Currently this is only from the site. Nothing earned in September, but it was my first month so hopefully that changes in the future! Hey who knows, maybe I’ll even write a book one day! If you are thinking of starting this journey, I recommend WordPress as my experience with them has been great!

Other Income:

EBates: $3.75

Cash Back on some Amazon purchase I made (Grocery Items).

Bottom Line

Seven Streams of Income
Breakdown Of My Seven Streams of Income
Earned Vs. Passive Income
My Earned Vs. Passive Income


My earned income came in at $2713.19 while the rest of the streams made up $1565.18. Passive income came in at 37% of my total income. The biggest contributor to my passive income were capital gains.


If you would like to see more of a breakdown of where my money is, check out My Net Worth !

Are You Tracking Yours?

Comment on how it’s going, and ideas to grow them!

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Great breakdown of your active and passive income. Many young investors forget about their investment income when thinking about their sources of income. Investment income diversifies your income sources passively.
Making your money work for you is a phenomenal way increase your wealth!
Laura recently posted…Credit Report Errors Impact 20% of Consumers – Check Yours TodayMy Profile


Hi Laura!

Before I started to invest, my savings account way paying me 5%. It was so interesting to me to get ‘free’ money every month. As interest rates kept going lower, I wanted to recreate the same feeling so I started investing. This was before I knew about ‘passive income’ or ‘income streams’. I just knew it made sense to have your money make you more money. I hope with this monthly series of reports I can show others the importance of not only passive income, but also compounding interest.

Thanks for Commenting!


Thanks for sharing a break down of your active verse passive income, Gabe! It’s a great idea for a post, especially when you have this many income streams! Are the capital gains from buying and selling? Or are they capital appreciation and you’re still holding the stocks? Nevertheless, great job on receiving 37% of your income passively! Take care 🙂
Graham @ Reverse the Crush recently posted…A Blog Post about Sponsored Content that’s not full of S—tMy Profile


Hey Graham!

The capital gains are just from appreciation. My trading days are over and I mostly hold stocks for a long time. But with that said, I started tracking the different streams to see what was making an impact on my net worth. Obviously investments have a big part of it so I wanted to highlight that.

Thanks for your comment!


7 streams of income is pretty good! I need to step up and get a second one. One stream is not enough lol. I keep telling myself to sell old stuff on ebay or something but I never got the chance to go through it. Plus I already know that once I get started, I’m going to end up cleaning and reorganizing the whole house. That’s something I don’t want to get started on lol.
Melanie, Mommy Finance recently posted…Quick Useful Ways to Get out of Your Rut So You Don’t FailMy Profile


Well since you have capital gains from the investments in your 401k, that can be included in your investment income! The way I see it, even if I was getting that money into my bank account, id be reinvesting it. So now you’re at 2! 5 more to go?

Sell some things on eBay too, the things you no longer use! Its good to clear out some space in the house.

Thanks for the comment Mel!


Wow thanks for sharing, I love the pie charts, so colourful and makes it so clear. The more streams of income the better, because if one gets ‘hit’ you don’t have to worry so much. I’m a big fan of multiple income streams (especially if it is passive). I don’t have capital gains very much because I do very little active trading/ selling. Mainly just buying. Keep trucking along your blog will generate income very soon in a few months!
GYM recently posted…4 Ways to Embrace Baby MinimalismMy Profile


Well I had to tweak investment income and make it appreciation instead of capital gains from selling because, like you, I don’t sell very often.

And yeah I can’t wait to keep growing my passive income and to use that money to grow it even further!

Thanks for commenting !


It is great you have so many different kinds of passive income. Can’t go wrong with that at all. Surprising you prefer to take capital gains over building dividends. Risky play but as long as it is paying off for you. Just remember capital gains are taxed about 10% higher than dividends. Keep growing those income streams.


Well most of my money is going into mutual funds and not individual stocks. Capital Gains held over a year are taxes from 0-15%, Dividends have a similar tax structure I believe…

Regardless for diversification, I might look into more Dividend stocks (although several of my stocks already pay dividend).

Thanks for the comment!


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