What Can You Do With 1000 Dollars

What Can You Do With 1000 Dollars?


What Can You Do With 1000 Dollars?
A Crisp $1000 Bill.

So it’s national iPhone reservation day throughout most of the world, but Apple changed things up a bit this year. This iPhone X starts at $1000, which is more than the usual price for a phone. But just because you don’t use Apple, doesn’t mean you’re exempt. The Galaxy Note 8 comes in at $930. These are steep prices for phones, that will undoubtedly sell millions.But I asked myself, besides a phone, what can you do with 1000 dollars?


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If you were to invest $1000 now, earning 7.5% annually, in 20 years you’d have $4200! Sure you didn’t become a millionaire, but you quadrupled your money! Now you can afford 4 iPhones at today’s prices! Think of the possibilities if you kept adding to your investment! Sign up with Robinhood and besides free trades, you and I will both get a free stock! (Who knows, maybe you’ll even receive Apple… that’ll show em!)

Take A Trip

An experience is worth more than any item you’ll ever hold. Why not take a trip to take a break from the real world? The United States has a lot of beautiful scenery, historic towns, and fun events going on year-round. Take a lot at the 25 best places to visit according to U.S. News.

Lower Your Bills

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes money to make money! I spoke about ways to lower your electricity recently. What better way to start than investing your $1000 into ways to lower your bills. Click here for some ideas.

Go On A Romantic Date

Take that special someone out to dinner and a show or movie. Hire a babysitter and have some much needed alone time. Talking about phones, why not ditch them in the car when you arrive at your destination and focus on nothing but each other.

Take a Cooking Class

You know how to lower that food budget? By cooking your own meals. Invest in a couple of classes if you aren’t past cereal yet. Your pockets (and guests) will thank you later.

Take a cooking class
Probably not a bad date idea either.

Save It

Maybe your emergency funds need an extra boost. Or you need to start saving for your Black Friday gifts from Amazon. Maybe you just need to pay down some debt. The possibilities are endless.

Buy A Bike

No not a motorcycle… Buy yourself a bike if you have a short commute to work. Get the blood pumping in the morning, and save the environment all at once. Oh and enjoy the gas savings as well of course!

Start Your Business

That business you’ve always wanted to try is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to invest in yourself! You’ll need to register your business name in the state you’ll be operating from, an EIN number from the IRS (free!), and your website . Oh, and don’t forget about me when you’re a big-time mogul!

Buy The New Phone

Yes, this is still an option! And that’s ok! The new carrier options of financing with no interest loans aren’t the worst thing that could happen, just be sure you know the impact that it’ll have on your b budget before hand.

Oh and make sure you’re getting the most for that old phone as well. Check out Gazelle or Amazon for some trade in values to fund your new purchase.

Get cash for your iPhone!

What Can You Do With 1000 Dollars

I’d love to hear your ideas on what you’d do with 1000 dollars.

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I’d take the $1k and pay off of our wedding bands! But I like the cooking class idea.


Paying some things off is always fun isnt it? You could do both! Take the cooking class and put the rest towards the bands!

Good luck, hope the wedding planning is going smoothly!


I could find many uses for $1k, but I would probably just end up investing it. The phone may be worth it in the long run, with the camera capabilities, but other than that..


Every time I spend any significant amount of money, I find myself thinking of its future value. The fun of being an investor huh?


If I had $1,000 it will most likely go to preschool tuition. If I didn’t have that to worry about, I will splurge a little on myself with new clothes and then invest the rest lol.


That tuition is rough… but necessary! At lest your son will socialize with more kids which is good!


What’s so special about the iPhone X that makes it $1000? I have to get a new phone eventually unfortunately- mine is on the fritz. So I’ll probably use $1000 to buy a new phone and maybe a new electric toothbrush. Mine just started turning on by itself today and buzzing itself into the corner of my vanity. Scary eh!!
GYM recently posted…My Tell All: Investing Mistakes in my 20’sMy Profile


I won’t lie, I’m pretty impressed by the facial recognition, 3d Camera, and Augmented Reality capabilities.

And I don’t want to scare you, but I’ve seen Terminator, the toothbrush is just the beginning…


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